Ugandan Flag


■ The government of Uganda said it had agreed to a request from the United States of America to take in temporarily 2,000 refugees from Afghanistan. The East African nation currently hosts about 1.4 million refugees, mostly from South Sudan.

Esther Anyakun Davinia, Uganda’s junior minister for relief, disaster, preparedness and refugees stated that “The request was made yesterday by the U.S government to H.E. (President Yoweri Museveni) and he has given them an OK to bring 2,000 (Afghan) refugees to Uganda.”

“They are going to be here temporarily for three months before the U.S government resettles them elsewhere,” she added.

Albania and Kosovo have also accepted a US request to temporarily take in Afghan refugees.

Meanwhile, the Taliban militia has said it will accept women in a future government in Afghanistan, as the jihad group seeks to ease widespread fears of a return to its brutal Islamist regime prior to the US-led invasion in 2001.

A senior member of the Taliban had said the jihad group was declaring an “amnesty” following its takeover of the capital, and suggested that it believes women “should be in the government structure according to Shariah law”.

Reports monitored by Sunbight Media stated that the situation at Kabul airport was stabilizing after thousands of panicked people took to the runway in an attempt to flee the country. It was also reported that seven people died at the airport in their bid to seek sanctuary abroad, including two who are believed to have dropped from the sky after falling from a US Air Force C-17 aircraft.

At the same time, US President Joe Biden has defended the decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, but warned the Taliban that any hostility would be met with a “swift and forceful” response.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has praised the jihad group takeover of Afghanistan, saying that the Taliban are “breaking the chains of slavery”. ●

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