Biafra Nations League


■ Official Statement
August 20, 2021

We are not taking over Bakassi, we are indigenous – BNL dismiss Cameroon media claim

We the Biafra Nations League, BNL have frowned at reports emanating from the Republic of Cameroon tagging BNL as Nigerian armed group trying to takeover Bakassi Peninsula.

It is wrong to address us in way that would make us look like invaders, our members and supporters including some highly placed officers within the Peninsula axis are indigenes and not strangers.

It is ridiculous to say that we are trying to takeover or have taken over the region, to us in BNL, the word takeover is an insult as we don’t recognize the government of Cameroon.

For the avoidance of doubt, we are a household movement fighting for our people both in Bakassi and the hinterlands of Biafra, we operate in our ancestral land which was erroneously ceded to Cameroon, and so it is wrong to label us as a Nigerian separatist in Bakassi, we are peace loving people who respects every nation and their boundaries, but in our case, we are indigenes who has nothing in common with the people in Cameroon.

We are Biafra freedom fighters fighting for Biafra people in Biafraland and not in a strange land as being reported.

Furthermore, it is not true that we confronted Cameroon Forces in Abana where their flags was removed, instead they (BIR) responded by firing our boys.

Let this be a note of warning, whichever group that wants to test our strength or rub shoulders with us, we will prove to that group that we are the landlords in Bakassi, we knows the nooks and crannies of Bakassi, we are in charge of our creeks and our waters and no doubt about it.

We are using this medium to also warn the Cameroon authority to desist from using unprofessional forces to attack our members, and loyalists in Bakassi or attract a war they will never win.

Henry Edet,
Head of Operations,

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