Fareedah Oyolola


■ Fareedah Oyolola, a young female senior student at Greensprings Schools, Lagos was honoured by the John Hopkins Center For Talented Youth as one of the brightest students in the world.

The youth institution is an initiative of John Hopkins University committed to nurturing extraordinary young minds.

Fareedah’s recognition is as a result of her exceptional performance in the advanced School and College Ability Test (SCAT), which is the entry test every students must undergo before admittance into the talent search programme of the youth institution.

Its 20/21 programme drew nearly 19,000 students from 84 countries.

The delighted Fareedah said “The test was a multiple-choice aptitude test in verbal and quantitative reasoning and I had to answer 100 questions within 44 minutes.”

“At the end of the test, my score was in the 92nd percentile for verbal reasoning and 87th percentile for quantitative reasoning,” she added.

The brilliant young girl expressed gratitude to her teachers for helping her develop her comprehension abilities and mathematical reasoning skills. 

Virgina Roach, Executive Director of the John Hopkins Center For Talented Youth in an official statement congratulated Fareedah and other distinguished students across the world.

Virgina stated “We are thrilled to celebrate these students in a year that was anything but ordinary, their love of learning shined through, and we are excited to help cultivate their growth as scholars and citizens throughout high school, college and beyond.”

Greensprings School Principal, Magdalene Okrikri expressed satisfaction about her student’s honour, stating that Fareedah achievement is a testament of the school’s “Thinking School programme which helps the students to develop mentally and also strengthen their cognitive abilities.”

The distinguished Yoruba girl and other honorees from other countries are expected to attend a summer programs in the United State of America or Hong Kong.●

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