General Innocent N. Orji is not a “Wanted Man” declares Colonel Gabriel Onwukwe

COLONEL Gabriel Onwukwe, the Deputy Head of BNG/BSMCA in an exclusive mail to SUNBIGHT MEDIA responded to Nicholas Uwerunonye of Independent Newspaper in reference to his news report titled “BNG Declares Biafra Republic On Facebook” dated October 30 2021 where he claimed General Innocent Orji “has been wanted by Nigeria security for over 10 years now”.

Responding, Col. Gabriel stated that Innocent Orji surrendered himself to the Nigerian Police when they came for his arrest about fifteen years ago and met his absence but took into detention his wife, Mrs. Onyekachi Orji, who was with pregnancy.

Explaining further, the Deputy head BNG/BSMCA said Orji surrendered to the Nigerian police force hoping his wife will be released rather she was transferred to prison with his husband who later spent 11 years and was discharged three years ago.

“Mrs. Onyekachi Orji delivered her baby in Prison and till date is still imprisoned with her child for committing no crime but marrying a man who is exercising his right to self-determination as enshrined and promulgated by international laws and instruments,” the Colonel added.

Col. Gabriel described the treatment of Mrs. Onyekachi Orji and her child as “callous and unjustifiable”.

He declared that every kind of self-defence will be used to protect and defend the Biafran citizens, borders, boundaries and territories from any aggressive governments or armed forces.

He hailed the unveiling of “BNG Red Devils 01” which he described as the least of weapons prepared to “destroy every presence of Nigeria in Biafran territories.”

He concluded that the people of Biafra are legally bound by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which  Article 2.1 states that “Each State Party to the present Covenant undertakes to respect and to ensure to all individuals within its territory and subject to its jurisdiction the rights recognized in the present Covenant, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.”

“The occupying Nigeria government must respect and accord Indigenous Biafrans the right to self-determination and self-defence whether they like it or not” he concluded.■

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