Glo Lists Benefits of Eutelsat to Nigeria

NIGERIAN telecommunications network provider, Globacom, has said the recent business deal it signed with Eutelsat of France will offer unlimited benefits to communities which do not yet have access to internet connectivity in Nigeria.

According to the company, the project would enable it to offer VSAT/Satellite-based internet service and Satellite-based community Wifi internet service in far flung and unserved areas where access to internet services are currently a challenge.

Globacom in a statement said: “This is also in line with the federal government’s desire to extend broadband coverage beyond urban and densely populated areas. Millions of Nigerians will, therefore, have access to communicate and transact business with the communal provision of internet access by Globacom in these rural areas.”

It added: “Subscribers in urban cities will also be able to reach their friends and families, and also transact business over the internet in such areas. The subscriber can also carry out electronic transactions and payments to workers or companies in remote areas using the Glo-powered Eutelsat Konnect Satellite platform.”

Globacom noted that specific areas of the country, which will benefit from the deal include “remote northern/middle-belt communities, southern offshore locations, farm ranches and factories/businesses far from townships where access to internet/terrestrial networks are a challenge.”

Another benefit of the deal is the reduced cost of service. “This is a specialised internet service provision for remote communities where internet access is either currently minimal or not available. The service will be offered at very attractive and competitive rates which will be cheaper than the current expensive options of going to bigger towns for internet access over very expensive terrestrial network in such communities,” Globacom concluded.

[Courtesy: ThisDay Newspaper]

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