7th November, 2021

IN relation to Indigenous peoples’ right to autonomy or self-government; the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) in its Article 4 states: “indigenous peoples, in exercising their right to self-determination, have the right to autonomy or self-government in matters relating to their internal and local affairs, as well as ways and means for financing their autonomous functions.”

Related to their right to autonomy, indigenous peoples have the right, under UNDRIP, article 34 , to “promote, develop and maintain their institutional structures and their distinctive customs, spirituality, traditions, procedures, practices and, in the cases where they exist, juridical systems or customs in accordance with international human rights standards.

The Biafran Supreme Military Council of Administration [BSMCA] sends heart-warming regards to those who have stood by the Biafran National Guard [BNG] through thick and thin until this stage of self-defence of our people, boundaries, borders and territories.

The Council appreciates every ideas, financial contributions and other supports given to this noble force which has brought us this far but we are still far from our goal.

Be duly informed that the decision of the Biafran Supreme Military Council of Administration to withdraw our personnel and missiles from disrupting the governorship poll in defunct Anambra state was unanimously reached after our painstaking meeting held at the Provincial Headquarters, Nsukka Province.

The decision to stay away from defunct Anambra state was primarily to avoid more casualties to lives and properties of Indigenous Biafrans after they were urged to ignore the sit-at-home directives and go ahead to vote. Such betrayal of the peoples trust!

The Biafran National Guard will never be associated with those persons, individuals or groups with the ulterior motive to murder the people of Biafra by deceiving them to go ahead to participate in the fraud called election in defunct Anambra state.

We therefore inform those betrayals of the peoples’ trust to begin preparation to welcome the wrath of Chukwu Okike Abiama which they have attracted upon themselves.

As for the politicians, they must get prepared to welcome our visits in their domains.

Again, The Council calls for the immediate and unconditional discharge and acquittal of every Biafran prisoners of conscience imprisoned for over fifteen (15) years in the Onitsha and Awka prisons.

These innocent men and women unjustly imprisoned for exercising the Right to Self-determination includes: Mrs. Onyekachi Orji, Miss Okwudiri Bassey, Uche Idikaigbo, Michael Okezie, Uchenna Nicholas, Peter Igbokwe, Ikechukwu Aghara, Chima Asor and Chinweike Irondi.

Others are Sabastine Amadi, Casmir Odakara, Ojemba Anyanwu, Eni Kalu, Ndubuisi Okam, Ikechukwu Chikwem, Emmanuel Orji, Chukwuma Kalu, Chidiebere Chikwem and Mmaduabuchi Asika. Including Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Benjamin Onwuka

The Council reinstates that defunct Anambra state must feel the impact of destructions from us and hereby places this notice to those living inside or around barracks and other detention facilities controlled by the occupying Nigerian State to evacuate with immediate effect.

This same notice is also for other defunct states of Nigeria in Biafra territories.

The people of Biafra situated in our boundaries must not feel threatened when we begin operations in those areas for we are there for self-defence activities and not to harm them.

We urge the citizens of Biafra to be strong and adhering to our instructions to avoid casualties to them during our military activities or missions.

The Biafra National Guard or its personnel shall not be held liable or accountable for any form of human mishap that shall occur in our military activities of self-defence because enough time and notice will be given before the launch of any of our missiles and rockets to enemy targets.

Be informed that will shall also be targeting our rockets and missiles to every occupying Nigerian parastatals situated in Biafran territories including the so-called presidential villa – Aso Rock, Abuja.

The Biafran National Guard has solemnly decided to self-defence in whatsoever ways against any form of internal or external aggressions.

We specially appreciates the efforts of our scientists and engineers in the production of missiles, rockets and other warfare machineries.







[Deputy Head BNG/BSMCA],

Comrade UKA KALU

[Acting Secretary, Office of Head BNG/BSMCA].


[BNG Spokesperson]

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