We attacked the Abia State Police Headquarters claims the Biafran National Guard-BNG

Report by Arusi Agwo

<SUNBIGHT> – In a public press release by the Biafran National Guard-BNG through its Head of Media, Elemamba Eberechukwu, the Biafran armed forces claimed responsibility for the midnight raid of the Abia State Police Headquarters located in the state capital, Bende Road Umuahia on 13th December 2021.

The Head of Media BNG stated that its Army Counter Terror Unit undertook the mission to enforce the arrest of the state police commissioner “so he could explain why killing Biafrans became a thing of pride and joy to him”.

Continuing, he stated that they had no intention to burn down the police building or seize it and were “disappointed that the police men that ought to run away engaged us, despite seeing we were heavily armed”.

Furthermore, the press release stated that BNG Army had zero casualty but neutralized many of the Nigerian Policemen. It also warned the vigilantes they encountered on their way to Umuahia to quit setting checkpoints on major roads and move inwards the communities.■

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