<SUNBIGHT>~Biafra~Nsukka~Eke~20th January,2022.


THE United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in its Article 3 states as thus “Indigenous peoples have the right to self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.”

Annually of January 15th, the occupying Nigeria government and its armed forces commiserate the ‘Armed forces Day’ to celebrate their servicemen and women who died while serving their country.

But what about those Biafrans who died gallantly during the Biafran Genocide of 1967-70?

The above question is poised by the Biafran Supreme Military Council of Administration (BSMCA) and specifically directed to the occupying Nigerian government.

The BSMCA anchoring the Biafra Provincial Government (BPG) is  all aware of the answers to the poised question but we want to present it openly to the globe.

Then occupying Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon after receiving the surrender letter of former Biafran Vice President Philip Effiong, declared that there are “no Victor & no Vanquished” but it is all clear the Biafran servicemen and women have all been vanquished from history books as since 1970 till date none of them are mentioned during the memorial services.

Recall, the present administration of Muhammadu Buhari promised to begin payment of their pensions and gratuity but nothing has been done about such program; though the BSMCA does not care about such because it is known to be fallacy.

The actions and activities of the occupying Nigerian government against the heroic Biafran veterans can only be described as humiliation and vengeful.

The Council as a matter of fact is  warning those individuals, groups or organisation campaigning against the disintegration of Nigeria that they shall be met with severe force.

The disrespect and dishonour to our veterans is a clear indication of the hatred and ethnic bigoism of the Fulani controlled Nigerian State against Indigenous Biafrans.

The Biafran National Guard-BNG has being ordained by the heavens and the peoples to correct the misfortune perpetrated against the peoples of Biafra and that shall be done accordingly.

Herein, the Council appeals to all Biafran veterans that the payment of their pensions and gratuity is guaranteed after the total self-defence of our sovereignty.

We urge them to steadfastly pray and support the Biafran National Guard as we have embarked on the protection of lives and properties of Indigenous Biafrans including the self-defence of our borders and territories.

The Council is using this medium to advise defunct Governor Dave Umahi to wake up from his Fulani induced hallucination.

Dave Umahi has gotten himself drunk in the feudal cup of the Fulani Oligarchy that he has forgotten where he originated from.

We want to remind the bootlicking governor that he may have forgotten his father told him he is from the East where the Sun rises everyday of his life.

The peoples of former Eastern Nigeria whom are also known as the peoples of Biafra are not deceived by the utterances of Dave Umahi whom has definitely spoken like a man lacking judgement and blinded by political ambition.

Dave Umahi has the freedom of expression to chose for himself alone and not for the whole people of defunct Ebonyi state over their choice of sovereignty or marginalization.

Every provinces of defunct Ebonyi is a territory of Biafra and there is no argument about that.

The Biafran Supreme Military Council of Administration hereby announces the appointment of its Public Relations Officer with immediate effect, in the person of Staff Sergeant Christiana Areh.


General Innocent N. Orji,

Head of Provinces.

SSG. Christiana Areh,


Comrade Chima Onyekachi,

Media Adviser, BSMCA/BNG.■

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