Pic Story: History (Biafra 1968)

<SUNBIGHT>~Biafra~Nkwo~5th February,2022.


THE ‘Dream Team’- Officers of the 3rd Marine Commando, Biafra 1968.

Originally called the 3rd Infantry Division, it was one of the most successful Federal fighting units during the Civil War.

Led by the legendary Col. Benjamin Adekunle aka ‘Black Scorpion’. Adekunle unilaterally renamed the Unit the ‘3rd Marine Commando’ to reflect the nature of the unique terrain in which his men had to fight. They were the first amphibious Unit in Nigerian Military History.

Standing(from L-R): Lt Cols Shande, Ato, Eromobor and Tuoyo
Sitting from (L- R): Lt Cols Abubakar, Alabi-Isama, Col Benjamin Adekunle, Lt Cols Ayo-Ariyo and Obeya

Not pictured are: Lt Cols Akinrinade, Aliyu and Boro

(photo: The Tragedy of Victory By Godwin Alabi-Isama)

[Courtesy:African History Archive]

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