Mauritius Reclaims Territory From British Invaders, Hoist Flag in Chagos

<SUNBIGHT>~Mauritius~Orie~19th February,2022 @ 20:26 WAT

MAURITIUS’ flag has been mounted on the British-invaded Chagos Islands.

Britain claimed they bought the Chagos Islands for only $4 million in 1965, and thereafter displaced over 1,000 people.

In 2021, the UN court ruled that UK has no sovereignty over the islands.

It’s now confirmed that the flag of Mauritius soars in the beautiful skies of Chagos Island.
The Chagosians visited their homeland after many years of banishment by the British imperialist.

AFRICAN REPORT FILES gathered that Britain forced Mauritius to gave up Chagos Island in exchange for independence in the 1960s — they exiled Chagosians and leased the Island to the U.S to use as military base.■

[Courtesy: African Report Files]

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