OPINION: The Mistakes Of Harold Wilson Must Not Be Repeated


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I was never born during the reign of former British Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, and ị may never have heard of him if not for the fact that he fought hard and in absolute support of Nigeria against the Peoples of Biafra in the Biafran Genocide of 1967-70.

Late Harold Wilson would have had his name on a platter of gold in Biafraland but he is in the wastebin of history for his active participation in the destruction  of a race known for ingenuity, enterprise and spirituality.

The images ị have seen of Harold Wilson has always been of a man smoking a tobacco pípe. I would have accused his state of chimney smoking for his lack of wisdom and understanding but I have seen several chain smokers whom are wise and discerning in spirit.

From researches, ị learnt the British Government of Harold Wilson, rejected the independence of the Sovereign State of Biafra because it was not going to survive as an independent State. Such absurdity from a learned fellow!

The fact is that Harold Wilson and the British Monarchy were feeding fat on the crude oil been shipped from the coastal part of Biafra to their country. They felt the independence of Biafra shall cause the cessation of the wanton looting of the natural resources and in turn the development of Britain.

That reason for the rejection of Biafra is an absolute fallacy from a crooked colonial masters who felt the independence of Biafra will unravel the atrocities and theft against the people of Biafra.

The British Government understood they could easily deceive the Northen-Muslims than the Eastern-Christains in Nigeria.

I was not present with General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu and Major General Philip Effiong but I know their desperation for the freedom of their people will never stop them from giving the British Government access to the crude oil in the coastal region of Biafra.

An act of desperation to hide several eras of pilliage of the enterprise named Nigeria forced the British Government of Harold Wilson to cajole Yakubu Gowon of Nigeria into reneging on the Aburi Accord negotiated and agreed upon in Aburi, Ghana in January 1967.

Without regard on which side was the aggressor and the aggrieved, the British Government of Harold Wilson chose genocide instead of the birth of a new nation which they would never be disappointed.

Historically, before the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Protectorate; earlier in 1897 in an article written in The Times of January that year, Flora Shaw, mistress to Frederick Lugard, had derived the name Nigeria from the words Niger (from River Niger) and Area.

In essence, only the Southern Protectorate occupied mostly by Biafrans and Yorubas was referred as Nigeria and the name was retained after the amalgamation in 1914 to form a country.

The old Eastern region of Nigeria referred as Biafra has always being used for crude oil pillage as the British oil firm called Royal Niger Company was introduced to siphon crude oil from the enterprise named Nigeria.

The amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Protectorate to form a country called Nigeria is an act of selfishness and disregard for the black race.

Since the forced union, Nigeria has been bedevilled by several crises caused by ethnicity and religion. The country has been in division by endemic tension caused specifically by the Muslims in the Northern region claim to the right to Federal power is solely theirs as instructed by the British colony.

Not forgetting, that the Northern leaders rejected self-government of Nigeria hence the delay until March 1959, a year and six months before Nigeria was to be granted independence in 1960.

Which is to say that it was the Southern leaders notably from the old Eastern region, that vigorously demanded for the independence of Nigeria.

So at what level of reasoning did the British Government of Harold come to the conclusion that the people of Biafra would not be able to survive as an independent State?

Notwithstanding the total blockade and intolerable war conditions, the People of Biafra in two years mined crude oil and refined petroleum in locally fabricated refineries.

But for over twenty years, all of the state-of-the-art refineries owned by the Nigeria Government is in comatose.

I want to expressly persuade and also warn the present crop of British diplomats and Monarchy to rethink their thoughts and reasoning towards the right to self-determination of the people of Biafra.

It is simple! If the Scottish people in Great Britain can be civilly allowed a referendum several times. Why can’t Biafrans in Nigeria be given such human right for once?

The Government of Biafra and her people even fabricated their own weaponry which included rockets, missiles and bombs at the time when only few countries in the globe could fathom such inventions.

Not forgetting, the redesigning of passenger airplane to fighter jet, manufacturing armoured cars and tanks by Biafran engineers and scientists. ■

Please be informed that the view and expression of the author are personal and does not represent that of SUNBIGHT MEDIA.

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