Open Letter To Her Britannic Majesty, Queen Of England, Queen Elizabeth II


<SUNBIGHT>~Opinion~Eke~8th July,2022 @ 06:36 WAT

I read Akanu Ibiam’s letter to Your Majesty, written during the Biafran Genocide of 1967-70. So I decided to write my own letter openly to you, fifty-two years after my beloved hero of blessed memory wrote to you.

Akanu Ibiam is dead but you are still living and ị strongly believe at your ripened age of ninety-six years, you should be wise, knowledgeable and more discerning than you are fifty-two years ago.

Watching the silver jubilee anniversary of your monarchy, ị couldn’t but admire your children, grandchildren and other relatives at the balcony of your palace.

But when I came to the realization that you sat on the Britannic throne fifty-two years when my Ancestors- Indigenous Biafrans were massacred, ị became filled with grief and anger.

What is a Genocide? I will define a genocide as an extermination purposely perpetrated against a people because of their religion, ethnicity, race, belief or skin colour.

The Biafran Genocide saw the killing of over two million people by starvation, bullets, bombs and organised massacre by the Nigeria Army led by Yakubu Gowon.

Fifty-two years later, no one has been tried or convicted for murder, genocide or war crimes, which has approved the signal that Biafrans can be killed or their fundamental human right violated with impunity for the simple act of participating in a civil demonstration seeking to garner attention to their right to self-determination.

President Muhammadu Buhari, an active participant in the Biafran Genocide is always quick to remind the younger generation of Biafrans about the bitter experience of their older generation and his readiness to repeat the same crime against humanity.

The Nigeria Government is yet to recognise the wanton massacre against the people of Biafra as a genocide but rather chose to describe their heinous actions as “squashing a rebellious side.”

I beg to ask, is bombing crowded market places filled with no men and children part of squashing a rebellious side or an act to exterminate a particular people?

Still in my grief and anger, ị couldn’t even wish Your Majesty the same act of crime against humanity.

But if I could be excused, how will you feel if the Scottish people began to destroy and kill every member of your beloved family and citizens?

Of course, Your Majesty may end up suffering a heart attack due to the tension and stress of such news.

You may not be able to reason such wicked acts against your own people because of the high calibre of intelligence accrued to the British security forces  but Your Majesty kept silent when innocent and defenseless Biafrans were destroyed to fuel the development of your country and Monarchy via the looting of crude oil from the coastal part of Biafra.

I must surely forgive you because fifty-two years ago, you must be younger and naive as a Queen on the Britannic throne.

I want Your Majesty to prove to your family and citizens that a deadly mistake done once must not be repeated, by publicly acknowledging that a genocide was perpetrated against my Ancestors – Indigenous Biafrans from 1967-70.

Your Majesty may be concerned if I want her  support for the recognition of our right to self-determination. Yes! I do want it and I do not want it. Why? Because with your support or not, the people of Biafra will again strive for the independence state of Biafra.

Demanding for your recognition of the Biafran Genocide is only for your soul to be able to find rest in the bosom of your God when you eventually make your demise just like my Ancestors.■

Please be informed that the view and expression of the author are personal and does not represent that of SUNBIGHT MEDIA.

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