OPINION: Why Should Young People Take Part In The Electoral Process

By Chima Onyekachi ‘Odida Anyanwụ Ọwụwa Anyanwu’ Sacred Pointer

<SUNBIGHT>~Opinion~Eke~5th August,2022 @ 02:25 WAT

I would define ‘Young People’ as a group of persons whom are in-between the ages of a teenager and an adult.

As a Young person, you are expected to be ignorant, inexperienced, weak or immature in the dealings of life.

Practically, with the advancement of technology and science, Young People are expected to be knowledgeable, strong and with the ability of quick cognitive capacity to reason properly.

The Electoral Process of a community ought to be the most tasking and important pathway to its growth and development.

An Electoral Process is the situation whereby those whom are expected to lead, unite and explore the talents of the people in a given society are selected and appointed.

Obviously, the countries in Africa have not shown any mark to consolidate the efforts of Electoral Process.

Violence, rigging and unwarranted court cases are synonymous with the Electoral Process in Africa. It is quite a mystery that young adults are never incorporated into the governance of the country but are quick to be recruited to achieve the selfish ambitions of the leaders during an Electoral Process.

In Nigeria, the Electoral Process begin with the registration of eligible Voters franchised at the age of eighteen (18). Then, a primary electioneering by the political parties to select their preferred candidates.

Meanwhile, sensitization and orientation by the National Electoral Body ought to be initiated before the General elections of the President, Governors, Senators, Legislators of both the Federal and State levels of government.

The Electoral Process in Nigeria has never been devoid from violence, rigging and incessant court cases which dampens the priority of that process.

Young People should be interested in the Electoral Process to enable first-hand experience in the administration of their domain and to be able to exercise their franchise in the selection of who leads them.

Furthermore, I will opine that young people should be more interested in the progression of their community through history, traditions and customs.

There must be an assimilation of the ancestral ways of selecting community leaders which empowers the local populace to become watchdogs for their community.

Young People must be interested in the Electoral Process of their community to achieve long-lasting legacy.■

Please be informed that the view and expression of the author are personal and does not represent that of SUNBIGHT MEDIA.

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